November 2016 WATERritual: Healing After the Election

On Thursday, November 10, WATER colleagues gathered in the WATER office and across the country by phone to mourn and look forward in hope. We share the text with you today and hope that you find it valuable in this time of uncertainty. You are encouraged to adapt the WATERritual for your community's needs.

October 2016 WATERritual: Celebrating Women in Politics

It is election season! Our October ritual blesses the women who hold public office - past, present and future.

July 2016 WATERritual: Standing with Malala Yousafzai

Read the text from our July 2016 ritual

June 2016 WATERritual: A Church for Our Daughters

This ritual is inspired by the A Church For Our Daughters campaign, whose goal is a Church that is truly inclusive and alive with the gifts, spirit, and potential of all its members.

May 2016 WATERritual - Sally Ride: Reaching for the Stars

This ritual focuses on celebrating Sally Ride, the first American woman in outer space.

April 2016 WATERritual - Earth Day: Women Healing Earth

This ritual focuses on Earth healing women who work for land rights, provide access to water, grow gardens, and respond to climate change.

March 2016 WATERritual - International Women’s Day: Solidarity with Comadres of El Salvador

We continue our monthly ritual series to raise up wise women. The Comadres of El Salvador are the Mothers who fight for human rights by demanding the reappearance of their disappeared and murdered family members and loved ones.

February 2016 WATERritual - Embraced by Brigit: A Breath of Spring

We continue our monthly ritual series to raise up wise women. According to Celtic spirituality, women’s power was most manifest in Brigit of Ireland−goddess, saint, and threshold figure. She bridged the worlds between rich and poor, pagan and Christian, slave and free.

January 2016 WATERritual - Inspired by Sojourner Truth: Living the Dream

We continue our monthly ritual series to raise up wise women by reflecting on Sojourner Truth. She was a Spirit-led activist for abolition, women’s rights, and non-violence, and she continues to inspire us today. Share with a close-knit or newly formed group. Or enjoy on your own.

December 2015 WATERritual - Re-Imagining Mary: A Woman Today

This holiday season we continue our monthly ritual series to raise up wise women. In the following ritual, we reflect on Mary as a symbol of the oppressed, the forgotten, and those in search of a home for their children, by looking at the many faces of Mary.