May 2011 Ritual: A Poem for Mother's Day

By Julia Ward Howe | Arise, then, women of this day!

March 2011 Ritual: Celebrate International Women’s Day

By Diann L. Neu | Lift up women's lives and your own with this ritual.

February 2011 Ritual: Love on Valentine’s Day!

By Diann L. Neu | Love is tough to name, but we know it when we feel it.

February 2011: Blessings to You on the Feast of Brigit

By Diann L. Neu | The first day of February is Brigit’s Day, a major feast of the Celtic year.

January 2011 Prayer: Solidarity for Human Trafficking Awareness Month

By Diann L. Neu | Holy Love, you who shout with us "No" to human trafficking in all its forms, be with us now to restore freedom to the trafficked and their families.