May 2015 Ritual: A Blessing for Mother’s Day

By Diann L. Neu

Mother's Day 2015   

Blessed be mothers and caregivers everywhere.

Blessed be women who give birth, women who adopt, women who care for children, women who love with an open heart.

Blessed be all the mothers of mothers. Blessed be all the daughters of daughters.

Blessed be all the daughters of mothers. Blessed be all the mothers of daughters.

Blessed be societies that offer health care services and economic support to all mothers and children.

Blessed be those who create all kinds of loving families.

Blessed be mothers and caregivers. Now and forever, wherever we are.

May it be so.

Happy Mother’s Day! 


Take Action for Mothers

• Do something special for the mother(s) in your life: make a card, send an email, make breakfast, thank her.
• Put flowers in a room she uses often: bedroom, office, living room, kitchen.
• Take a walk with your mom and connect with the universe together. Look at the stars, moon, sun, and give thanks.
• Cook a beautiful, healthy meal together. Set a simple, elegant table with tablecloth and candlelight and enjoy the time together.
• Lobby your senator and congressperson to give women equal pay, quality childcare, a living wage, affordable health care including reproductive services, paid sick and family leave, and flexible work schedules.
• Give a gift to a charity in the name of the “mothers” in your life.
 • Rejoice in mothers!!


© 2015 Diann L. Neu, D.Min., MSW, is Co-founder and Co-director of WATER,