December 2014 Ritual: Litany of Gifts

By Diann L. Neu

Tgold gift twohis season, what gifts will you give?

For friends who share joys and sorrows,
The gift of friendship to you.

For colleagues with whom we network and collaborate,
The gift of solidarity to you.

For the people of Syria, Iraq, and war-torn countries,
The gift of peace to you.

For women with cancer, and those who are sick,
The gift of healing to you.

For families divided by differences,
The gift of reconciliation to you.

For children of every race and country,
The gift of love to you.

For people in despair,
The gift of hope to you.

For those who are made homeless,
The gift of shelter to you.

For people who are hungry,
The gift of food to you.

For those without jobs,
The gift of meaningful work to you.

For loved ones who are dying,
The gift of a peaceful death to you.

For newborns,
The gift of a long life to you.

For those who experience discrimination in any form,
The gift of justice to you.

For elected leaders and the next Congress,
The gift of vision for the global community to you.

For the women who experience violence from war, rape, and religion,
The gift of safety to you.

For young girls growing up today,
The gift of empowerment to you.

For those who give generously to WATER,
The gift of gratitude to you!

As you receive and give gifts, remember those in need.

© Diann L. Neu, D.Min., MSW, is Co-founder and Co-director of WATER.