June 6: Volunteers in Global Service—The First Volunteer

The first Volunteer in Global Service fulfilled the group’s mission with generosity, skill, and style.

Early Influences Endure

A number of leading women in the Protestant world began their work in and around the student movements.

Courage Needs to Make a Comeback to Create Change

A dose of courage would go a long way toward solving many ecclesial and civil problems.

"Con la sobreactuación caritativa no alcanza" por Guadalupe Treibel

 Con Mary E. Hunt Posted originally on Damiselas en Apuros. La…

Report of Feminist Liberation Theologians’ Network

The group looked critically at how members live out their feminist liberation theological commitments in their daily lives.

The Contribution of Women and Religion to History

Who is missing from the PBS special "MAKERS: Women Who Make America"?

Theology Has Consequences: What Policies Will Pope Francis Champion?

My observation is that the recent papal election only serves to reinforce and re-inscribe the Vatican’s power.

Bergoglio’s “Jesuitical” Reaction to Argentina’s Dirty War

An interview with Mary E. Hunt on the papal transition.

Catholic Patriarchy: What the Papal Transition Means and What Feminists Can Do About It

No matter who is elected, the process is mortally flawed because it represents a model of church that is long out of date.

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

When the smoke subsides after the Conclave, there will still be a single man at the helm.