“Love Your Friends” and “Friends Act Friendly”

By Mary E. Hunt

November 9, 2013

Fall Symposium, Sigtuna, Sweden

Swedish SeminiarCrop

Mary E. Hunt was privileged to offer the keynote lecture at a weekend symposium on “Friendship, Theology and Sisterhood” sponsored by the Seglora Foundation and hosted by the Sigtuna Foundation in Sigtuna, Sweden, November 9-10, 2013. Participants included journalists, ministers, academics,and activists notably WATER Volunteer in Global Service, Ann-Cathrin Jarl.

In her lecture, “Love Your Friends: Feminist Relational Ethics for Solidarity,” Mary spoke of friendship as foundational to a good society. Other speakers looked at historical and philosophical issues related to friendship. Mary also gave a public lecture on “Friends Act Friendly,” encouraging people to “practice” being friends in the hope of creating a most just world.

Two lectures Mary E. Hunt gave at the Fall Symposium in Sigtuna, Sweden are now available online from Dagens Seglora, “Love Your Friends: Feminist Relational Ethics for Solidarity” and “Friends Act Friendly.”