The Contribution of Women and Religion to History

Who is missing from the PBS special "MAKERS: Women Who Make America"?

Theology Has Consequences: What Policies Will Pope Francis Champion?

My observation is that the recent papal election only serves to reinforce and re-inscribe the Vatican’s power.

Bergoglio’s “Jesuitical” Reaction to Argentina’s Dirty War

An interview with Mary E. Hunt on the papal transition.

Catholic Patriarchy: What the Papal Transition Means and What Feminists Can Do About It

No matter who is elected, the process is mortally flawed because it represents a model of church that is long out of date.

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

When the smoke subsides after the Conclave, there will still be a single man at the helm.

Papal Retirement: A Matter of Conscience

Instead of simply retiring quietly, Joseph Ratzinger might enjoy a good Bavarian beer with the rest of us as part of a renewed Church where all are welcome.

Remembering Ada María Isasi-Díaz

I am grateful for the life and work of Ada, for her friendship and her solidarity.

Combat Soldiers & Clergywomen: Problematic Equality

When the celebrations wind down I will be looking for people who want to ask hard questions about how we humans deal with our differences without war.

AAR Series: Being Undone by the Feminist Other

Is it possible for us to support and work to strengthen one another’s feminist enactments even when they look very different from our own?

AAR Series: Gamer-Player/ Gamer-Avatar: The Potential of a Video-Gaming Body

Sara Frykenberg lays out the potential of games to shed light on multiple embodiments.