November 8 WATERtalk with Katherine Marshall and Susan Hayward

Join us for our WATERtalk on November 8, 2017, "Women, Religion, and Peacebuilding: Illuminating the Unseen"

November 6 WATERmeditation with Hannah Dorfman

Join us for our WATERmeditation on November 6, 2017 with Hannah Dorfman, "Gratitude"

NCR Podcast: A conversation on sexuality, gender and the Catholic Church

Mary E. Hunt, Marianne Duddy-Burke and Jamie Manson in NCR Podcast

WATERtalk Notes: Faith Matters Network

Notes from our October 2017 WATERtalk with Robyn Henderson-Espinoza, Jennifer Bailey, and Micky ScottBey Jones, "Faith Rooted Organizing: Public Theology, Healing Justice, and Moral Imagination"

In Memory of Her: Jeanne Audrey Powers

WATER celebrates the unique life of longtime friend and colleague…

Kick-starting a new Catholic conversation

Mary E. Hunt, Marianne Duddy-Burke, Jamie Manson discuss gender and sexuality in the Catholic Church