Mary E. Hunt: “Catholic Women in a Change of Era”

Friday, March 18th 2016

The Centre for Woman and Christian Traditions

invite you to :

«Catholic Women in a Change of Era»
MEH for Ottawa

presented by Mary E. Hunt

7:30 PM ET

at Saint-Paul University, Ottawa

             The era of change is over and the change of era is well underway among Catholics. Women are leading the way. This evening will be a chance to explore the social context, the institutional failings of the Roman Catholic Church, and the role of Pope Francis as background for this exciting new moment. Women’s evolving roles in ministry, theology, policy, and spirituality demonstrate what the future portends.

*Cette conférence sera donnée en anglais.

Par contre, un sommaire en français sera disponible.

Students: 10$
Regular: 15$

*Opens at 7:00 to register.
**Bring exact money or cheque (to Saint-Paul University)
***Parking is an issue due to the construction on Main.

Saint-Paul University

223 Main St.,
Ottawa, On K1S 1C4

613.236.1393 x 2360
ftc-wct@ustpaul. ca or