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July 2022 WATERritual: The Saving Grace of Fun

July 2022 WATERritual “The Saving Grace of Fun” By Diann L. Neu Watch the July 2022 WATERritual.   Preparation Sit in a fun place. Have a bowl of water and bubbles near. Display photos of your favorite fun places.   Call to Gather Welcome to this WATERritual, “The Saving Grace of Fun.” Every season offers […]

June 2022 WATERritual: Praise the Sun for Summer Solstice

June 2022 WATERritual “Praise the Sun for Summer Solstice” By Diann L. Neu Watch the June 2022 WATERritual.   Preparation: Light a fire. Put red,  yellow, and orange flowers on a table. Have nearby a glass of lemonade or ice tea and ingredients for “s’mores:” marshmallows, chocolate squares, and graham crackers.   Welcome Welcome to […]

June 2022 WATERtalk with Lisa Allen

“A Womanist Theology of Worship: Liturgy, Justice, and Communal Righteousness” with Lisa Allen Wednesday, June 15, 2022, 1 pm EDT Video recording available here. WATER is deeply grateful to the Reverend Doctor Lisa Allen for sharing her book A WOMANIST THEOLOGY OF WORSHIP: LITURGY, JUSTICE, AND COMMUNAL RIGHTEOUSNESS (Orbis Books, 2021). She offered a through […]

May 2022 WATERtalk with Jennifer Harvey

“Raising Antiracist White Kids: A Conversation for All of Us” with Jennifer Harvey Wednesday, May 11, 2022, 2 pm EDT Video recording available here. WATER is grateful to Drake University Professor Jennifer Harvey for discussing her popular book Raising White Kids: Bringing Up Children in a Racially Unjust America (Abingdon, 2019). Jennifer Harvey: 1. Talking […]

April 2022 WATERtalk with Yolanda Pierce

“In My Grandmother’s House: Black Women, Faith, and the Stories We Inherit” with Yolanda Pierce Wednesday, April 13, 2022, 2 pm EDT Video recording available here. WATER is deeply grateful to the Rev. Dr. Yolanda Pierce for sharing her marvelous book IN MY GRANDMOTHER’S HOUSE: BLACK WOMEN, FAITH, AND THE STORIES WE INHERIT, Broadleaf Books, […]

April 2022 WATERritual: Earth Day Prayer

April 2022 WATERritual “Earth Day Prayer” By Diann L. Neu Watch the April 2022 WATERritual. Preparation: If you can, go outside for this ritual. Have herbs or spring flowers near.   Call to Gather Earth Day, celebrated annually on April 22, reminds us to give thanks for our planet home. It calls us and the […]