June 2012 Ritual: Summer Solstice: Praise the Sun

By Diann L. Neu

Sunlight, bonfires, and candlelight reflect the power of the sun.
Feel the richness of Earth’s summer colors.

Red: the longest wavelength, the flow of life in your blood, the color of courage…. Be attentive to your courage.

Orange: the action color, the primary ray connected to the womb center, the color of passion…. Be attentive to your passion.

Yellow: the expanding wavelength, the color of transcendence, the color of women’s will…. Be attentive to your openness.

Green: the middle of the spectrum, the color of sympathy and emotion, the color of balance…. Be attentive to your growth.

Blue: the creative color, the color of the sky, the power of decision making…. Be attentive to your calm.

Indigo: the passive wavelength, the color of psychic knowing, the color of awareness…. Be attentive to your intuition.

Purple: the shortest wavelength, the color of the older woman, the color of introspection and spiritual development…. Be attentive to your spirituality.

Brown: the stable color, the color of security, the color of centering….
Be attentive to your center.

Draw in what you need and want from these Solstice colors.
Draw in fulfillment, passion, and abundance from the gifts of Earth,
and release them to the universe.

Happy Summer Solstice!

© Diann L. Neu, dneu@hers.com, cofounder and codirector of WATER,
the Women’s Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual