January 2013 Ritual: A Cup of Blessing for the New Year

By Diann L. Neu

Our lives can be viewed as three cups. Sometimes we are empty, waiting to receive. Other days we are filled with possibilities. Another time we are overflowing. 


Choose your favorite cup. Be ready to fill it with a drink you enjoy. Invite a friend or several to join you, if you wish.


This is the season of endings and beginnings.
Spirit of Blessing, surround me as I pause and give thanks.


Story of Three Cups
Once upon a time there were three cups.
The first was empty, waiting, ready to receive and hold whatever was poured into it.
The second was filled with possibilities, pleasing the senses with anticipation.
The third brimmed to overflowing, inviting the thirsty to receive its powers.


Look at Your Empty Cup
My cup, empty now,
will soon be filled
with drink.
Blessed are you, Holy Vessel, for the potential you offer.


Fill Your Cup Slowly with a Drink of Choice
As I fill this cup,
I see possibilities
pouring forth through me.
Blessed are you, Source of Life, for filling my cup again and again.


Hold Your Brimming Cup
This brimming cup, my cup,
is full of refreshment
and renewing powers.
Blessed are you, Sacred Well, for connecting me with new ways, new words, new feelings.


Drink from Your Cup
What do I need from this cup?
What do I accept from this cup?
What will I give from this cup?
Take time to meditate, write in a journal, talk, draw, dance, or do something else that gives you pleasure and insight.


This is the season of endings and beginnings.
Spirit of Blessing, surround me as I give thanks.


© Diann L. Neu, cofounder and codirector of WATER, dneu@hers.com