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A Reflection from Anali

A Reflection from a Mennonite Voluntary Service Intern By Anali North Martin When I arrived to WATER’s office for the first time in early September 2020, I was greeted at the door by Mary and Diann, masks in and temperatures checked. I felt undeniably welcomed. Despite the difficulties that arose from working during a pandemic […]

A Reflection from Emily

A Reflection from a Mennonite Voluntary Service Intern By Emily Neufeld In my year at WATER, I learned the power of hospitality, resilience, and community. Hospitality emerged from the hours spent in conversation (with a cup of tea in hand) hosting prominent feminist scholars, question askers, and change-makers. Resilience was obvious in the way we […]

A Reflection from Student Volunteers

A Reflection from Santa Clara University Student Inters By Tannaz Azimi, Eva Kennar, Saachi Sikaria, Emmett Moore, Catherine Li, Marcella Hollero, Ally Jeffers and Hayley Burcher In January, Michelle Mueller, former WATER intern and Professor of Religious Studies at Santa Clara university, and Kim Carfore, Adjunct Professor of Theology and Religious Studies at University of […]

A Reflection from Kennedy

A Reflection from an Agnes Scott Intern By Kennedy Thedford I am a Junior at Agnes Scott College, studying Religion & Social Justice and Spanish. At Agnes we aim toward social justice, but since we are a small college we do not have the resources to focus on minority views in religion like feminism, womanism, […]

A Reflection from Kali

A Reflection from a Beloit Intern By Kali Huiyan Lo-Ng I came into WATER as a Religious Studies and Creative Writing major from Beloit College. I had spent my education so far studying religion in a classroom (without any feminist input in the curriculums), and I wanted hands-on experience applying myself in a functioning nonprofit […]

A Reflection from Melissa

A Reflection from a Loretto Voluntary Service Intern By Melissa Feito “When I first came to WATER I feared it would be just another internship. What I learned instead about myself, or rather confirmed, was that I am happiest when working with and through the Spirit for the justice this world sorely needs. . . […]