July 2011 Ritual: A Blessing for Hope on the Threshold of Surgery

By Diann L. Neu

Join us in blessing our beloved volunteer Sister Hope Bauerlin, osf, as she prepares for cataract surgery.

Hope, dear friend and holy woman,
we gather today in your honor to thank you for your 67 years of faithful commitment as a Franciscan sister and to bless you as you travel to surgery tomorrow.

Hope, may the Ever-faithful Holy One embrace you with gratitude
for your 67 years of faithful service as nurse, lactation specialist, teacher, mentor, community leader, volunteer, spiritual guide, friend, and wise woman.

Hope, may Divine Wisdom Sophia be with you in a special way on your journey now and shower you with peace, love, and healing.

Hope, as you travel to the hospital, may the Compassionate Holy One remind you each day and night that you are loved, cherished, and supported by a community of friends, especially those of us here now.

Hope, as you enter surgery, may your Guardian Angels guide your surgeons’ hands to work with great skill as they seek to restore you and your eyes to health.

Hope, may the Healing Spirit in her graciousness awaken in
in your nurses and in your sisters deep kindness and vigilance
as they care for you in your healing.

Hope, may all the Angels, Saints, and Holy Healers in their creativity remind your body’s cells of their purpose: to knit you back together again and bring you home to us, safe and sound.

And may St. Clare and St. Francis, all holy women and men,
and Divine Providence who keeps us all, bless you and be most gracious to you, our precious Hope. Know that we are with you always. Amen. Blessed Be. May It Be So.

Song: “Blessing Song” by M. T. Winter
© Medical Mission Sisters, 1987.

May the blessing of God go before you.
May her grace and peace abound.
May her spirit live within you.
May her love wrap you ‘round.
May her blessing remain with you always.
May you walk on holy ground.

© WATER, Diann Neu and Mary Kate Birge, ssj, dneu@hers.com