April 24 WATERritual: Returning to Life, Returning to Earth

Join us April 24, 2018 for our WATERritual "Returning to Life, Returning to Earth"

April 9 Meditation with Janaya Sachs

Join us for our WATERmeditation on April 9, 2018 with Janaya Sachs, "The In-Between Season."

Beyond Thoughts and Prayers

Mary E. Hunt featured piece, "Beyond Thoughts and Prayers," on the blog We Talk. We Listen.

Mary Featured on Epic City Radio Show

Mary E. Hunt featured on Epic City radio show.

April 11 WATERtalk with Eileen Markey

Join us for our WATERtalk on April 11th with Eileen Markey, "Radical Faith: The Assasination of Sister Maura."

WATERtalk Notes: Monique Moultrie

Notes from our March 2018 WATERtalk with Dr. Monique Moultrie, "Passionate and Pious: Religious Media and Black Women's Sexuality"

March 27 WATERritual: Mary Magdalene and the Woman Witnesses

Join us March 24, 2018 for our WATERritual "Mary Magdalene and the Woman Witnesses"