February 2013 Ritual: Celebrating Brigit, Goddess of Healing, Holy Saint

By Diann L. Neu | What aspects of Brigit's life do you relate to in your own?

Combat Soldiers & Clergywomen: Problematic Equality

When the celebrations wind down I will be looking for people who want to ask hard questions about how we humans deal with our differences without war.

January 2013 Ritual: A Cup of Blessing for the New Year

By Diann L. Neu | This is the season of endings and beginnings.

Cynthia Moe-Lobeda Teleconference Recommended Resources

All excerpts from "Resisting Structural Evil: Love as Ecological-…

January 16 Teleconference with Carol P. Christ

Carol will speak about the book she and Judith Plaskow are writing together, tentatively titled Goddess and God after Feminism: Body, Nature, and Power. Judith and Carol explore their changing views of God in light of their feminist commitments to transform religion. Carol’s feminism led her to reject a God imaged as a dominating male other. Her commitments to peace and justice led her to reject a God whose power is imaged in the Exodus, the prophets, and much of Christian tradition as the power of a warrior to destroy his enemies. Carol can no longer participate in the Protestant or Roman Catholic liturgies because of their invocation of God as male and their association of his power with war and domination.