W-CC Response to Crux new funding source

Women-Church Convergence Responds to
Knights of Columbus and Crux Partnership
For Immediate Release:
Contact: Erin Saiz Hanna, W-CC Co-Coordinator

Member organizations of Women-Church Convergence, in our capacity as an educational coalition with a particular commitment to women and marginalized people, have serious concerns about the Knights of Columbus as the new funding base of Crux.

We suggest that our colleagues look at the following well researched pieces that shed light on the dubious and problematic practices of the Knights of Columbus especially with regard to LGBTIQ issues and reproductive justice, including:

Articles by Nicole Sotelo in the National Catholic Reporter:

Knights of Columbus redefine charity by giving to bishops

Knights, Minnesota archbishop endanger church neutrality

Some Knights of Columbus donations are a little bit questionable

Knights of Columbus funds help step on women’s rights

As well as the following Opposition Report from Catholics for Choice:

The Knights of Columbus: Crusaders for Discrimination

And the 2012 analysis of the Knights’ funding of anti-marriage equality initiatives published by Equally Blessed:

Knights of Columbus Spending Millions to Stop Marriage Equality

We urge our colleagues to read all materials from Crux with this “hermeneutics of suspicion” in terms of how this funding source influences what is published.

We are concerned that Crux’s new “partnership” with the Knights of Columbus may result in reporting that reinforces the primacy of institutional Catholicism, excluding the lived-realities of many faithful Catholics around the world. We urge Crux to ensure that the breadth of Catholicism is represented in its coverage, including the many intentional Catholic communities, grassroots organizations, and initiatives inspired by Catholic social justice teachings.

We look to journalistic outlets with the expectation that they will cover the broad scope of Catholic issues. We hope the same for Crux.

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