Meet the Mothers and Daughters of WATER


Last month, we honored several Women of Spirit when you donated to WATER in their names for Mother’s Day. Now we are taking the time to celebrate the women, both mothers and daughters, who work hard to make WATER possible.


WATER founders Mary E. Hunt and Diann L. Neu with their daughter, Min, in December 2015.


Longtime friends of WATER Cindy Lapp (Pastor of Hyattsville Mennonite Church) and her daughter, Cecilia Lapp Stolzfus (Goshen College), helping with mailing in December 2014.


Summer Intern Dana Tufariello and her mother Dolores Tufariello from Connecticut during her office visit in May 2016.

Summer Intern Melissa Feito and her mother Marisa Feito in August 2015.

Summer Intern Melissa Feito and her mother Marisa Feito from Florida in August 2015, traveling in Switzerland.


Mallory Naake, Wesley Theological Seminary student and intern, with her mother Leslie and her father during their visit to the WATER office.

Elizabeth and mom

Elizabeth Hardt (Loretto Volunteer) and her mother, Diane Yoder, in May 2015.


Past intern Emily Cohen and her mother during her visit to the WATER office.


Emily Harder (Mennonite Voluntary Service) and her mother Dorothy Janzen from Kansas when she visited the WATER office in March 2016.