March 2012 Prayer

By Mary E. Hunt

Published originally by Words Matter at

Words affect all of us differently. As you read this prayer, read with generosity, and consider which images and words speak to you, and which make you bristle.

Holy is the name of each one who does justice.
Blessed is the memory of each person who cares.
Beautiful are the feet of those who walk in courage.
Exalted are the ones who eradicate poverty.

Holy is Earth in its entirety.
Blessed is each fruit of the land.
Beautiful are the creatures with legs, fins, and wings.
Exalted are the ones who till the soil.

Holy is the hope that sustains.
Blessed is bounty shared.
Beautiful are the children’s children.
Exalted are those who struggle.

The why of this prayer–
I have taken traditional language of Christian prayer and renewed it just enough to make it our own while keeping the ring of our ancestors’ words.

by Mary E. Hunt