July 2017 WATERritual

Feminist Santeria

With Clarita Ajo of Matanzas, Cuba, Diann L. Neu and the WATER Staff
Translation: Katie Campbell-Morrisson

Cuban WATER colleague Clarita Ajo joined us in the office on Thursday, July 20 to lead us in a Feminist Santeria ritual. Clarita is Vice Rector and Professor of Systematic Theology, Ethics, and Anthropology at Seminario Evangélico de Teología in Matanzas, Cuba. She is an expert in the Yoruba tradition and its cultural translation in Cuba, Santeria.

We invite you to listen to the recording of our ritual and view images from the event! Below, you will also find a brief outline of the ritual with times corresponding to their occurance in the audio.

Welcome | Description of the Altar (0:45)

Introduction of Clarita Ajo (4:00)

Introduction to Santeria (8:58)

Music: Mongo Santamaria Afro Cuban Drums Abacua

Offering – Dance with offerings of fruit, chocolate, drink, and place them on the altar (21:25)

Music: “Rezo a Eleggua” by Merceditas Valdes

Remembering our Ancestors | Communion of Saints (22:38)

Speak aloud names of grandmothers, mothers, loved ones, friends, and others who are no longer present but are with us providing protection and energy.

Music: Mongo Santamaria Afro Cuban Drums Abacua

Reading Poems to invoke our ancestors voices (25:45)

1)    “Wildflowers in the Dining Room” by Cecily Jones, SL found in Mostly for Promise: Poems by Cecily Jones, SL. Nerinx, KY: Hardin Creek Press, 2013, pg 41.

2)    “The Egret” by Mary Oliver found in New and Selected Poems: Volume One. Boston, MA: Beacon Press, 1992, pg. 47.

3)    “Entering into a Relationship” by Joyce Rupp found in Prayer. Maryknoll, NY: Orbis Books, 2007, pg 17.

Telling Stories of the Goddesses | Ochun, Yemaya, and Oya (34:20)

(Light a candle for each)

Music: “Relaxing Sounds of Water Stream” by KMY Media

Closing Circle Dance | Dancing in a circle with the movements of the Goddesses (40:00)

Music: “Ochun Oricha de la fertilidad” by Merceditas Valdes