February 8 Teleconference with Mary Evelyn Tucker

Monthly Teleconference Series: Feminist Conversations in Religion
Mary Evelyn Tucker

Mary Evelyn Tucker is a Research Scholar and a Senior Lecturer at Yale University. Her special area of study is Asian religions. She earned her PhD from Columbia University. Stemming from her concern over the growing environmental crisis, she co-organized with John Grim a series of conferences on World Religions and Ecology and founded the Forum on Religion and Ecology. Another project Tucker has been involved in since its inception is the Earth Charter; she is currently a member of the Earth Charter International Council. She has worked with philosopher Brian Swimme for 25 years to create a multi-media project (film, book, and website) called “Journey of the Universe.”

On Wednesday, February 8th, Mary Evelyn will be joining us to explain her work in “Journey of the Universe” and to discuss how the the film overlaps with work being done by ecofeminists in religion. You can prepare for this stimulating conversation by watching the trailer for the film and by reading a helpful article called “The New Story.”

Gather your friends and colleagues for lunch and join in the conversation. This is a great opportunity for students as well as for ministers and others. It is sure to be an engaging session. This teleconference, along with notes, will be available on our website soon after it concludes.

To register for a call, send the words “register me” to waterstaff@waterwomensalliance.org and you will receive dial-in information. All teleconferences are from 1-2 pm EST.