February 2014 Meditation Follow-up

“Swing Low”

with Mary E. Hunt featuring a poem by Jane Schaberg.
Audio available here.

“Swing Low”
by Jane Schaberg

After hours bent over Merkabah and Hekhalot texts and rabbinic and biblical materials over the apocrypha and various translations I expect/ I would like/ I hope for/ dream of a death with the horses of fire coming the chariots of fire over Detroit or wherever it happens highway, hospice, sidewalk, classroom, my own bed at home me lifted up light as an old child my thin nightgown, my bones, my flesh and hair on fire great iron hooves pounding on the air and clouds Rappahannock if he precedes me come back from the dead, one of them his soft eyes, his chest muscles bulging mane and tail ablaze burning but not burnt reins of light or no reins joyful recognition of horse, rider, driver if there is one burning but not burnt. -Jane Schaberg

For more information on Jane, click here.

For a sample of her marvelous scholarship and writing see “Mary Magdalene: the Origins and Futures of Christianity.”