February 13 Teleconference Town Meeting

“Teleconference Town Meeting” with YOU and WATER Colleagues!
1 PM – 2 PM EST

We need YOU to join us for our February 2013 Teleconference. It is really a Town Meeting of the larger community that listens to and participates in these wonderful monthly events.

We want to hear your feedback, get your ideas for topics and people for the months ahead. We have ideas of our own, but we want to hear what you think, whom you think we should invite, what issues we should prioritize.

Please don’t think oh, this is one of those calls I can miss; no one will miss me. Yes, we will miss you! We want to benefit from your wisdom. You play an important part of the shaping of this wonderful series so please join us.

It might help to jog your memory to go to our Teleconferences Audio and Notes page for a complete list of our speakers. We think you will agree that it is an all-star cast, some of the most exciting scholars and activists working in the field of feminist studies in religion. Now we need your help to identify and prioritize others who are doing similarly important work.

So please join us on Wednesday, February 13, 2013 at 1 PM EST for this important conversation featuring YOU!

Email “Register Me Teleconference” to waterstaff@waterwomensalliance.org by Feb. 12th in order to receive dial-in information.