Catholic Bishops' Theological Mistakes on Abortion Come at a High Price

By Mary E. Hunt Originally published in Religion Dispatches…

Hundreds of Catholic Leaders Voice Objections to State Department Commission on Unalienable Rights Report’s Priority for Religious Freedom

Over 300 (final number to come) Catholic theologians, human rights activists, and community leaders have signed a statement that outlines strong concerns about the State Department’s Commission on Unalienable Rights draft report

Catholic progress in extremis

Given that the world is in extremis, it follows that similar changes can take place in other areas of church life, and they are.

Schenk's biography of Mercy Sr. Theresa Kane a detailed account of visionary's path

Sister of St. Joseph Christine Schenk tells Theresa's story skillfully in meticulous detail, rendering such a visage all the more remarkable.

Feminist Liberation Theologians’ Network 2019 Meeting Report

A report by Mary E Hunt on the most recent meeting of the Feminist Liberation Theologians' Network.

Catholic Women in the Midst of It All

The major issue at hand for Catholics is simply whether women are full, equal members of the Catholic community or not. The short, honest answer is that we are not.