Carole Blythe Murdock Scinto

December 16, 1925 – November 29, 2011

With deep sadness and grateful hearts, WATER mourns the death of our beloved colleague, Carol Blythe Murdock Scinto. She was a stalwart volunteer for more than sixteen years at WATER. A journalist by training and vocation, she was the editor of the newsletter, WATERwheel.

The WATER resource center is named the Carol Blythe Murdock Scinto Library because she handled the books that came in for review.

When their own mothers died, Carol and her husband, Joe, endowed “The Mothers’ Fund” at WATER. It was meant to help women with small grants of encouragement. Over the years, we have dispersed modest funds for travel, books, conference fees, and computers for women in developing countries. It was a quiet way in which Carol made her many strong commitments visible.

She is survived by her husband of 52 years, Joseph Scinto, as well as her four daughters—Cathy, Blaise, Maria, and Tania—their partners and children. She touched myriad relatives, friends, and neighbors who found in Carol, as we at WATER did, the essence of friendship and care. Her spirit inspires us to make our deadlines, check our commas, and do the feminist work for justice in which she believed so fervently.

We rejoice in our decades of friendship and collaboration over countless cups of tea.

Notes of sympathy may be directed to the Scinto Family at 807 W. Edmonston Drive, Rockville, MD 20852, USA.