A Reflection from Mara

MaraI was amazed when my professor mentioned that there was an entire organization dedicated to feminist theology. After being here for just two months, each person I’ve met connected with WATER has been caring and passionate. It’s been quite inspiring to me to be around women who take me seriously and who have some serious clout when it comes to the endurance and intelligence required in the social justice sphere.

I liked that I got to see many facets of operating a non-profit. The environment at the office was kind; I felt I could ask questions and learn. I also had the opportunity to dip my toes in a work that interested me, like book blurbs and scholars and activists over Skype. Mary, Diann, and their friends took the time to answer the questions of us young interns, and I thought this really showed the dedication of each person in the feminist theology to passing on vital skills. For anyone looking to dive deep in the feminist theology community, WATER is a great entry.

-Mara Lemesany

Summer 2015 Intern