A Reflection from Kali

A Reflection from a Beloit Intern

By Kali Huiyan Lo-Ng

I came into WATER as a Religious Studies and Creative Writing major from Beloit College. I had spent my education so far studying religion in a classroom (without any feminist input in the curriculums), and I wanted hands-on experience applying myself in a functioning nonprofit that worked in an area I cared about.

As it turned out, I had an amazing experience at WATER. It completely changed the way I think about my work in the future, and the community of feminist leaders and scholars around me. From day one, Mary, Diann, and Emily welcomed me with genuine warmth and immediately familiarized me with what was happening in the community, also encouraging me to contribute to conversations and creative projects.

I made work I was proud of, such as book reviews, teleconference notes, and even a research essay. I saw how collaboration improves a community, and how community improves what you accomplish. Interning at the WATER office and meeting so many incredible women reminded me that religious studies and social justice work are absolutely essential parts of my life and others’. I know that WATER and what I’ve learned from my summer at the office will continue to influence my work.