WXYC Reports with Mary E. Hunt

This month WXYC is focusing on "appropriation" and the ways it…

March 2016 WATERritual - International Women’s Day: Solidarity with Comadres of El Salvador

We continue our monthly ritual series to raise up wise women. The Comadres of El Salvador are the Mothers who fight for human rights by demanding the reappearance of their disappeared and murdered family members and loved ones.

WATERtalk Notes: "Witnessing Against Violence: 25 Years After The Sexual Politics of Meat

Notes from our March WATERtalk with feminist-vegan advocate Carol J. Adams

Diving deeper into Spotlight

Beyond just being an Oscars winner for Best Picture, the film…

Mary E. Hunt: "Catholic Women in a Change of Era"

Mary E. Hunt will speak at Saint Paul University in Ottawa on March 18, 2016

WATER Staff Wins SECSOR Prize

The Women’s Alliance for Theology, Ethics, and Ritual (WATER)…

Sally Ride and the Quest for Social Space

by Mary E. Hunt from Feminist Studies in Religion Lest…