Walking with the 100 Women Pilgrimage

WATER was inspired by the women who walked 100 miles in support of immigration reform.

October 2015 Ritual: Prayers for Women with Cancer

The following prayers unite us with those who have or have had cancer, their friends, colleagues, and loved ones. And some have said, these prayers are helpful for all of us.

Welcoming the Bus

Welcoming the Bus by Emily Harder While coverage of Pope Francis…

"Synod System Stacks Deck Against Women"

Mary E. Hunt article published by the National Catholic Reporter

WATERtalk Notes: "Creating 'Radical Grace'"

Notes from "Creating 'Radical Grace'" -- a conversation with Rebecca Parrish, Chris Schenk, and Simone Campbell (10/7)

October 12: WATER Meditation/Contemplative Prayer

Meditation/Contemplative Prayer: "Ocean of Silence" with Judy Bond

Mary E. Hunt: The Pope's Encore? Reforming the Church

For an encore after his US visit, Pope Francis should ordain women, accept gay love, and root out sexual abusers. Op-Ed by Mary E. Hunt in the Baltimore Sun

Catholic News We Missed Last Week While Stalking The Pope

Religion Dispatches shares Mary E. Hunt's article on what…