Eucharist is not a Political Football

by Mary E. Hunt The Women’s Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual (WATER) offers condolences to Barbara Johnson of Washington, DC, on the death of her mother. We support Ms. Johnson in the face of pastoral insensitivity shown by the priest who presided at the funeral mass for her mother. To deny the Eucharist to the daughter of a Catholic mother at her funeral is beyond any excuse or explanation.

Contraception Furor v. Catholic Realities

Catholic voters will have a chance to express their commitment to women at the ballot box.

Bishop Minerva Carcaño Has a Nearly Impossible Job

Progressive bishops in denominations that have strong conservative wings have a nearly impossible job.

Ann-Cathrin Jarl: Volunteer in Global Service at WATER

by Mary E. Hunt and Anne Lacher “Never a dull day at the WATER office!” The frequency of this comment’s appearance here at WATER has increased drastically in the last week or two, and it seems to be directly related to the appearance of Ann-Cathrin Jarl. Hailing from Uppsala, Sweden, the Rev. Dr. Ann-Cathrin Jarl was the Director of the Diocese Conference Center in Stockholm for four years. She served most recently as Chaplain to the Archbishop of the Church of Sweden [Lutheran] before her retirement in 2011.

Congratulations to Mary Ann Kaiser!

Congratulations to our proud former WATER intern Mary Ann Kaiser! She is the honored recipient of the Jane Maxwell Morris Fellowship from Austin Seminary!

Feminist Studies in Religion as Bread and Butter

by Mary E. Hunt Feminist studies in religion are a hot commodity in the current political turmoil. So-called women’s issues are front and center in the debates. The long settled question of contraception has been snatched from mothballs for conservatives’ purposes. But there is such a dearth of feminist religious voices, so little room in masculinist journalist and clerical discussions to get a word in edgewise, that almost anything we add to the conversation is useful. Whoever expected that our training would be so valuable?

February 2012 Ritual: A Valentine for You!

By Diann L. Neu | The final word is love.