Women-Church Convergence Celebrates Diversity

A statement issued by Women-Church Convergence on the anniversary of the Women's March.

Women-Church Convergence Opposes Trump’s Reversal of DACA and Calls for Passage of Legislation to Protect Dreamers

A statement issued by Women-Church Convergence on Trump's Reversal of DACA.

National Religious Leadership Roundtable Calls Out Catholic Bishops’ Ill-Conceived, Trans-denying Letter

The National Religious Leadership Roundtable's response to trans-denying theology.

Feminist Liberation Theologians’ Network 2017 Meeting Report

A report by Mary E Hunt on the most recent meeting of the Feminist Liberation Theologians' Network.

WCC-Sign-On Statement: Title IX Sexual Assault Rollback

A statement issued by Women-Church Convergence on the weakening of Title IX guidelines.

When the Church’s LGBTIQ Loss is the World’s Gain

Mary E. Hunt discusses the contributions of LGBTIQ individuals who forge new vocational paths when rejected from ministry in their own tradition.

A Moment and a Movement: Women-Church says #MeToo, #WeToo

#MeToo must become #WeToo. A statement issued by Women-Church Convergence.

Rolling the Stone Away: LGBTQI Elders Meet the Next Generation of Christian Activists at a Watershed Conference

Mary E. Hunt on "Rolling the Stone Away: Generations of Love and Justice"

NCR Podcast: A conversation on sexuality, gender and the Catholic Church

Mary E. Hunt, Marianne Duddy-Burke and Jamie Manson in NCR Podcast

Kick-starting a new Catholic conversation

Mary E. Hunt, Marianne Duddy-Burke, Jamie Manson discuss gender and sexuality in the Catholic Church