7-16-2013 September Teleconference with Linn Marie Tonstad: The Sexuality of God and September Contemplative Prayer

6-20-2013 June Ritual: A Summer Solstice Ritual by Diann L. Neu

6-13-2013 July Teleconference with Grace Ji-Sun Kim: Colonialism, Han, and the Transformative Spirit and Contemplative Prayer with Janis Roihl

5-29-2013 June Teleconference with Monica A. Coleman: Third Wave Womanist Religious Thought and Contemplative Prayer with Cheryl Nichols

5-17-2013 Article: Courage Needs to Make a Comeback to Create Change by Mary E. Hunt and A Pentecost Prayer by Diann L. Neu

5-8-2013 May Teleconference with Marie M. Fortune, Jeanette Stokes, Mary E. Hunt, and Diann L Neu: A Century of Creative Feminist Leadership in Religion, Contemplative Prayer with Geralyn McDowell, and Mother’s Day Prayer

4-14-2013 Article: Pope Franscis and the American Sisters by Mary E. Hunt

4-10-2013 April Teleconference with Gina Mesinna-Dysert: In Search of Healing-Confronting Rape Culture and Spiritual Violence

3-28-2013 Spring Funding Letter – Join Us in Celebrating 30 Years of WATER

3-27-2013 Article: Theology Has Consequences-What Policies with Pope Francis Champion? by Mary E. Hunt and Contemplative Prayer with Cynthia Tootle

3-4-2013 Article: What the Papal Transition Means and What Feminists Can Do About It by Mary E. Hunt and March Prayer: Praise Women Leaders for International Women’s Day

2-28-2012 March Teleconference with Mary E. Hunt: A Feminist Conversation on Catholic Patriarchy-What the Papal Transition Means and What Feminists Can Do About It

2-13-2013 Article: The Pope’s Resignation by Mary E. Hunt and Teleconference Survey

2-12-2013 Article: Papal Retirement by Mary Hunt and WATER Statement on Resignation of the Pope

2-7-2013 February Teleconference: Town Meeting

1-31-2013 February Ritual: Celebrating Brigit, Goddess of Healing, Holy Saint by Diann L. Neu

1-25-2013 Article: Women in Combat Article by Mary Hunt

1-10-2013 January Ritual: A Cup of Blessing for the New Year by Diann L. Neu

1-7-2013 January Teleconference with Carol P. Christ: Goddess and God after Feminism-What is the Nature of Divine Power


12-29-2012 Last Chance to Donate in 2012

12-24-2012 Winter Greeting

12-21-2012 December Ritual: A Winter Solstice Greeting and Peace for the Children Candle Lighting by Diann L. Neu

12-1-2012 December Ritual: World AIDS Day Ritual by Diann L. Neu

11-28-2012 December Teleconference with Katie Cannon: Translating Womanism into Pedagogical Praxis

11-26-2012 GivingTuesday

11-15-2012 November Ritual: Thanksgiving Grace by Diann L. Neu

11-07-2012 Invitation to a Post-election Virtual Gathering For All Those Working for LGBTQI Justice

10-25-2012 Invitation to Catholics for Marriage Equality Maryland

10-23-2012 November Teleconference with Margaret R. Miles: Imagining the Intelligent Body

10-23-2012 November Ritual: Harvesting Justice by Diann L. Neu

9-26-2012 October Teleconference with Melissa Browning: HIV/AIDS and Christian Marriage in East Africa

9-19-2012 October Ritual: A Ritual to Honor Hildegard of Bingen by Diann L. Neu

7-31-2012 August Ritual: Wisdom Cries Out! by Diann L. Neu

7-25-2012 September Teleconference with Judith Plaskow: God After Feminism

7-2-2012 July Teleconference with Teresa Berger: Gender Differences and the Making of Liturgical History

6-20-2012 July Ritual: Summer Solstice-Praise the Sun by Diann L. Neu

6-7-2012 Mary E. Hunt Conversation on Queer Catholic Faith with DignityUSA

6-1-2012 June Teleconference with Thelathia “Nikki” Young: Queering the Human Situation

5-11-2012 May Ritual: Blessing on Mother’s Day by Diann L. Neu

5-1-2012 May Teleconference with Melanie Morrison and Julia Watts Belser: What No Longer Serves Us

4-30-2012 Article: We Are All Nuns by Mary E. Hunt

4-30-2012 April Prayer: Earth Day by Diann L. Neu

4-5-2012 April Ritual: Blessings for Passover and Easter by Diann L. Neu

4-4-2012  April Teleconference with Elisabeth Schusler Fiorenza: Transforming Vision

3-29-2012 Spring Funding Letter and Greetings

3-20-2012 Invitation to Our Bodies: Our Spirits- Seasons of Catholic Lesbian Life

3-15-2012 March Ritual: Celebrate Women’s History Month by Diann L. Neu

3-14-2012 March Teleconference with Carol J. Adams: The Sexual Politics of Meat — Rescheduled

3-7-2012 Happy International Women’s Day from WATER

2-17-2012 March Teleconference with Carol J. Adams: The Sexual Politics of Meat

2-17-2012 Contemplative Prayer Group and Ritual Invitation

2-13-2012 A Valentine for You

2-1-2012 February Ritual: Feast of Brigit by Diann L. Neu

1-27-2012 Women in Seminary Event: Womanist Theologians and Their Contributions

1-20-2012 February Teleconference with Mary Evelyn Tucker: Journey of the Universe

1-10-2012 Human Trafficking Awareness Day

1-5-2012 January Teleconference with Rita Nakashima Brock: Occupy Paradise


12-21-2011 December Ritual: Winter Solstice Greeting by Diann L. Neu

12-21-2011 Invitation to Winter Solstice Gathering

12-13-2011 Blessing of Giving and Receiving from WATER

12-8-2011 Happy Holidays and Year-End Funding

12-1-2011 December Teleconference with Maureen Fiedler: Breaking Through the Stained Glass Ceiling- Women Religious Leaders in Their Own Words

12-1-2011 In Memory of Carol Blythe Murdock Scinto

11-24-2011 Thanksgiving Greeting

11-18-2011 December Teleconference with Maureen Fiedler: Breaking Through the Stained Glass Ceiling- Women Religious Leaders in Their Own Words

11-11-2011 November Ritual Womens Harvest Festival by Diann L. Neu

11-2-2011 Contempative Prayer and Teleconference with Bernadette Brooten: Beyond Slavery- Overcoming Its Religious and Sexual Legacies

10-18-2011 November Teleconference with Bernadette Brooten: Beyond Slaver- Overcoming Its Religious and Sexual Legacies

10-17-2011 October Ritual: Litany of Solidarity with Women with Cancer by Diann L. Neu

9-28-2011 Rosh Hashanah

9-28-2011 Invitation to Come to the WATER- Women in Theological Education

9-22-2011 October Teleconference with Eleanor Moody-Shepherd: Our Voices Loud and Clear

9-21-2011 September Ritual: Celebrate the Autumn Equinox by Diann L. Neu

9-9-2011 September Ritual: Remembering 9/11/01 10th Anniversary by Diann L. Neu

8-9-2011 September Teleconference with Meg Riley: Embodied Theology in a Digital Age

8-5-2011 Happy Summer from WATER

6-14-2011 July Teleconference with Shawn Copeland: Enfleshing Freedom- Body, Race and Being

5-19-2011 June Teleconference with Anne Joh: Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality- Integrating the Diverse Politics of Identity Into Our Theology

5-5-2011 May Ritual: A Mother’s Day Healing For Daughters and Mothers by Diann L. Neu

4-28-2011 May Teleconference with Nancy Pineda-Madrid: Suffering and Salvation in Ciudad Juárez

4-21-2011 Blessings of Spring from WATER and Funding Letter

3-22-2011 April Teleconference with Patrick Cheng: What Does Queerness Have to Do with Feminism- A Conversation on Queer and Feminist Theologies

3-7-2011 March Ritual- Celebrate International Women’s Day 2011 by Diann L. Neu

2-18-2011 March Teleconference with Kate Ott: Searching for an Ethic: Children, Moral Agency, and Justice

2-12-2011 February Ritual: Love on Valentine’s Day! by Diann L. Neu

1-31-2011 February Teleconference with Eunjoo Mary Kim: Asian American Women and the Renewal of Preaching

1-31-2011 January Ritual: The Feast of Brigit by Diann L. Neu

1-4-2011 January Teleconference with Gale A. Yee: Where Are You Really From- An Asian American Feminist Biblical Scholar Reflects on Her Guild


12-30-2010 Celebrate the Holiday Season and Give to WATER Today

12-26-2010 Celebrate the Holiday Season! Make your online gift to WATER today

12-21-2010 Holiday Blessings from WATER and Funding Letter

12-16-2010 December Ritual: Honoring the Winter Solstice by Diann L. Neu

12-1-2010 Contemplative Prayer and Women’s Ritual

11-23-2010 Women-Church Convergence Calls On Catholic Bishops to Stand Against Anti-gay Hate Crimes

11-23-2010 Happy Thanksgiving

11-15-2010 December Teleconference with Shelly Matthews: The Future of Feminist Scripture Studies

11-12-2010 November Ritual: A Thanksgiving Liturgy by Diann L. Neu

10-20-2010 November Teleconference with Virginia Ramey Mollenkott: Trans Gifts

10-7-2010 October Teleconference with Wanda Deifelt: Crossing Boarders- Feminist Christianity in Latin America, New Feminist Christianity in Review, and Article: Will the Pope be Served by Mary E. Hunt

9-8-2010 September Teleconference with Traci West: What Does Antiracist Feminist Christian Social Ethics Look Like? and Contemplative Prayer

7-29-2010 July Teleconference with Rosemary Radford Ruether: Feminist Theology in Theological Education

7-22-2010 Welcome to WATERmark and Teleconference with Rosemary Radford Ruether: Feminist Theology in Theological Education

7-21-2010 Media Release: Vatican Miscategorizes Women’s Rights Advocates with Child Abusers