A New Season of WATER Interns

We are pleased to announce a new season of WATER interns. Anne joins the staff as our new Loretto Volunteer, and Heather and Clarafrancie come to us from Wesley Theological Seminary. They’re a fantastic bunch and we look forward to the year ahead. Stay tuned!

As the seasons change, we look back on the summer with joy and inspiration. Get to know our 2011 summer interns and our intern program, Women Empowering Women, by reading their letter below.

Mary Ann Kaiser, Emily Cohen, Y. Joy Harris

“Throw your life as far as it will go.” -Mary Daly

Greetings from WATER, where we are surrounded by the presence and legacy of so many, including you.Your support has made it possible for us to come from Austin, Seattle and DC to spend the summer in  the WATER office, where the walls are lined with feminist resources and our desks are piled high with grant proposals, bibliographies, and historical archives from WATER’s 28 year history. Our work is rooted inrelationships and feminist values. Our rich experiences embody WATER’s aptly titled internship program, Women Empowering Women.

Mary Hunt often speaks about Mary Daly to us, regaling us with stories and passing along Mary Daly’s good advice to “Throw your life as far as it will go.” The unique and dynamic spirit of WATER makes this the right place to receive such advice. Risk taking and courageous acts have nourished and propelled the work of WATER since the beginning and we are honored to participate in this legacy. What a summer!

There’s never a dull day at WATER. Here’s a bit of what we’ve been up to:
• Engaging in the day-to-day tasks of operating a small non-profit
• Compiling valuable resources in consultation with feminist colleagues around the world
• Editing scholarly essays for teaching and publication
• Planning and facilitating our monthly women’s ritual gatherings
• Lobbying for women’s health in collaboration with interfaith organizations in DC
• Implementing an oral history project with WATER octogenarians Carol Scinto (after whom
WATER’s library is named) and Sister Hope Bauerlin, OSF, long-time WATER volunteer

We’ve planted seeds and we look forward to watching these projects grow:
• Networking young women in graduate studies for ministry
• Connecting lesbian feminists to be voices for social justice and agents of social change
• Coordinating the monthly teleconference series, Empowering Conversations with Women in Religion

As we take our leave, we remind ourselves of Mary Hunt and Diann Neu’s recurring words: “Once you’re
a part of WATER, you’re always a part of WATER.” We carry the sweetness of this truth as we continue
to throw our lives as far as they will go: Mary Ann Kaiser is returning to Austin Presbyterian Theological
Seminary to finish her third and final year in the M.Div. Program. She is looking forward to pursuing
further feminist study in religion through Ph.D. work in ecofeminist theology. Emily Cohen is concluding
her year-long internship which has been sponsored by the Loretto Volunteer Program. She is transitioning back to the Pacific Northwest and will be joining the staff of the FaithTrust Institute, a sister organization founded by Marie Fortune. Y. Joy Harris is working on her Ph.D. at Howard University where she will continue to investigate the intersections of religion, communications, and culture.

We have been woven into a long story of women empowering women. We are now part of wide networks
with deep roots in feminist religious values moving us to justice. Your generosity ensures that these
opportunities, and many more, will continue to be available for future generations of interns. We believe in
the work of WATER and we are grateful to be connected to you through such a meaningful Alliance.

With inspiration,

Mary Ann Kaiser, Emily Cohen, and Y. Joy Harris