This Mother’s Day, honor a Woman of Spirit who has inspired, loved, and strengthened you.

Donate to WATER in her name.

Let us name her and lift her up with other wise, justice-seeking women.

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Women of Spirit

From Tania Scinto: Carol Scinto

From Richard Blanchfield: Katharine Finegan, Julia O’Sullavin, and Lucy Chu

From Sr. Diane Rapozo, BVM: Eva, Bernice, and Tobias Hagen, CSJ

From Virginia Day: Virginia O’Leary

From Janet Garrow: Mary Alice Garrow

From Deb Vaughn: Clara Harsh

From Sharon Medicis Michaud: Esther Jane Medicis

From Mel Marino Wolff: Ella Marino

From Molly and Alan Murdock: Florence Blythe Murdock, Carol Murdock Scinto