March 8 Discussion with Alice Knowles

Catholic Lesbian/ Queer Women’s Discussion

Community and Its Role in
Our Spiritual Development

with Alice Knowles

Sunday, March 8, 2015 at 11:30 a.m. EST


Alice Knowles was born in Boston, Massachusetts into an Irish Catholic family. She is the third child of five – one of four daughters. Faith and church were central to their lives. Alice participated in many church-sponsored activities – Girl Scouts, Legion of Mary, and Catholic Youth Organization (CYO).

She pursued education and career goals that were inspired by her focus on social justice, charity, and community. Alice received her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of Massachusetts – Boston and completed a Master’s degree in Community Mental Health from Northern Illinois University.

Her professional life has been dedicated to public health issues. Alice has worked in community residences for deinstitutionalized adults, nursing homes, community mental health systems, state public health agencies, philanthropic organizations, hospital systems, and research organizations.

She is currently a data analyst for a healthcare system in Cambridge, Massachusetts which has been a safetynet hospital and is continuing to serve underserved and marginalized populations of the nearby communities.

Sixteen years ago Alice was introduced to Dignity/Boston. It was there that she met KathyAnn. In 2004, they were married at a liturgy with their faith community, families, friends and coworkers.

Alice has been active in the Dignity/Boston chapter. She is completing her 6th year as a member of the DignityUSA board where she works with the Women of Dignity.

While other WATER conversations are open to a wider audience, this one is intended for women who are interested in same-sex love from a Catholic lesbian/queer perspective. Please spread the word.

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