In Memory of Her: Anne Hope

WATER extends sincere sympathy to Sally Timmel and the Grail on the recent death of Anne Hope at Pilgrim Place, in Claremont, California. Anne and Sally are the co-authors of the famous Training for Transformation volumes that have contributed to literacy efforts worldwide.

Anne, a South African, worked in Washington D.C. with the Center of Concern. She and her family were deeply involved in the struggle against apartheid in South Africa. Steven Biko pronounced her an important influence on his own life. She was an International President of the Grail.

To know Anne Hope was to know a gracious, attractive, highly intelligent person with a moral compass that never quit. She inspired countless people to engage in social change work regardless of the price, to create and construct new programs and projects, all aimed at empowering those who would otherwise live on the margins. We will miss her lovely presence in this world, but draw on the reservoir of justice she created for generations to come.

Here is a link to an obiturary that Sally wrote.

Here are two links to videos of Anne that encompass many of her primary commitments.

“Anne Hope and Sally Timmel from Training for Transformation: ‘Building Hope'” from Popular Education South Africa
“When, where, and how did you become activists for social justice?” an interview with Anne Hope and Sally Timmel from Popular Education South Africa