Communion or Disunion?

by Mary E. Hunt The egregious breach of decency that led a Catholic parish priest to deny Communion to a lesbian woman at her mother’s funeral has received widespread and well-deserved condemnation. Even the Archdiocese of Washington DC admitted that the priest had violated their policy. In a little note, a vicar promised Barbara Johnson and her family that he would celebrate a Mass in memory of her mother.

Eucharist is not a Political Football

by Mary E. Hunt The Women’s Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual (WATER) offers condolences to Barbara Johnson of Washington, DC, on the death of her mother. We support Ms. Johnson in the face of pastoral insensitivity shown by the priest who presided at the funeral mass for her mother. To deny the Eucharist to the daughter of a Catholic mother at her funeral is beyond any excuse or explanation.