February 2016 WATERritual - Embraced by Brigit: A Breath of Spring

We continue our monthly ritual series to raise up wise women. According to Celtic spirituality, women’s power was most manifest in Brigit of Ireland−goddess, saint, and threshold figure. She bridged the worlds between rich and poor, pagan and Christian, slave and free.

WATERtalk Notes: "Mormon Feminism: The Forty Years We Celebrate, The Forty Years Ahead"

Notes from our February WATERtalk with Mormon feminist Joanna Brooks

March 9 WATERtalk with Carol J. Adams

Join us for a conversation with Carol J. Adams about "Witnessing Against Violence: 25 Years After The Sexual Politics of Meat," March 9 at 1pm

March 7 Contemplative Prayer/Meditation

Join us Monday, March 7, for Meditation/Contemplative Prayer with Mary E. Hunt: "Seeing What Is"

February 8: WATER Meditation/Contemplative Prayer

Join us at WATER or by phone for our February Meditation/Contemplative Prayer session led by Phoebe Knopf: "Welcome to Brigit's Forge!"

"Should Barbie Get Her Feet Washed At Church?"

by Mary E. Hunt | Religion Dispatches, 1 February 2016