Pentecost Prayer for Justice  

The feast of Pentecost signifies the outpouring of the Spirit of God upon Earth. This Spirit is the life force energy that flows through the universe. She is the Divine presence that embraces everything in the cosmos. Let us pray: 

Come, Holy Spirit, breathe your Gifts into us as we struggle for justice.
Come, Spirit of Truth, enlighten our resistance, our insistence, our persistence.
Come, Spirit of Peace, unite races and nations to stop wars and violence.

When we are fearful, challenge us to act bravely.
When we are lonely, bless us with communities of love and compassion.
When we are weary, replenish us with bold dreams.

Open our hearts to listen to the cries of those who are pushed to the margins.
Free our tongues to speak truth with courage.
Unclog our ears to hear the needs of the children of the world.

Come, Spirit of Wisdom, spark in us a new fire.
Amen. Blessed Be. Let It Be So.

© 2017 Diann L. Neu is Co-founder and Co-director of Women’s Alliance for Theology, Ethics, and Ritual (WATER)