Follow Up to WATERmeditation

“Goddesses of Justice”

with Cynthia Tootle

Monday, October 2, 2023   7:30 PM ET

Video can be found at:

WATER thanks Cynthia Tootle who led us in meditation. Her topic, Goddesses of Justice, was well chosen for the day.

The Rev. Cynthia Tootle is an expert on Goddesses. She is a minister at the Takoma Metaphysical Chapel where both her intellectual and pastoral skills are welcome. Cynthia is an engineer by training and vocation. She had a long career with the federal government and now in her retirement has embraced her calling to ministry.

She has an amazing scope when it comes to Goddesses, studying one each month. She shares her knowledge and the Goddesses’ messages with us so very generously.

Her comments, which are in the video, included her various understandings of justice:

–an eye for an eye

–bad guys lose, good guys win

–justice for George Floyd’s killer, but will it mean anything?

–restorative justice—who and what will be restored?

None of it seemed to work, so she searched her Goddesses including Shams, the Arabian Goddess of the Sun. Just shining light on something can move toward justice. She looked at Themis, the goddess often depicted with scales, sometimes with a blindfold. She considered Maat, the Egyptian winged goddess. None of them seemed quite right either.

The song, “Justice,” by Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers has the line “For justice, one, one, one word prayer.” That seems to say it as well as anything.

The video that she used is:

Here are the lyrics to at least one version (there are several) of the song:

Lyrics to “Justice” by Ziggy Marley and The Melody Makers

Justice, people say, justice

Justice, brother say, justice

Judge me if I am weak

Judge me if I am strong

Judge my days and all life long

They let the baby cry, let the mama cry

And youths like I and I have to cry

For justice, one, one, one word prayer

Justice, who yea, justice, justice

Is like a good friend

Who long time we don’t see

Why they taking liberty

Who, is like a good friend

Who long time we don’t see

Why they taking liberty, with I and I and I

Justice, yea yea yea

Justice, now not later, justice

Justice, people say

For I and I, justice, justice

Justice, where are you

Justice, look what they do

They make the innocent cry

The innocent cry

Look what they do to Garvey

They make the innocent die

They make the innocent die

How dem lie on Steve Biko

Justice, justice, the one word prayer

Justice, who yea, justice

The poor man cry, why do they do the wrong

Justice, they make me sing this song

Justice, who yea woa, mmmh, yea, yea

Justice, justice, desert me not

Justice, they are on my back

Justice, the more the tears

The more, the more we want, justice, justice


There were many thoughtful observations in our discussion. A sample follows:

–equity vs. egality as depicted by a cartoon suggested by Beth Feckter:

— Holly Near’s song, “I am Willing,”  suggested by Domini Collins

–George Floyd memorial photo from Gail DeGeorge

–Prayer by Carol Laverdure written during the meditation time:



Just us

Justice is

Just us Being


Just  to self

Just  to the other

Just  within self

Just  within the world

Just  Being


Loving Justice

Goddess of LovingJustice

Loving just as is

Jesus Justice

Jesus -the Word- is hidden

Within Justice

God is

God is us

God Justice

Goddess Justice