November 2013 Thanksgiving Ritual: Return Blessings

By Diann L. Neu

Thanksgiving Table Cropped

This is the season of harvesting.
This is a time of giving thanks for all good blessings.

Lift your spirit and give thanks.
Lift your voice and return blessings for life.

Return Blessings
Return blessings, O Holy Ones,
So life’s cycles can continue with beauty, balance, and abundance.
May life’s cycles return blessings.

Return blessings, Sacred Earth,
So air, water, fire, and food can nourish all we hold dear.
May air, water, fire, and food return blessings.

Return blessings, Beloved Sisters and Brothers,
So all creation can share pleasure and do justice.
May all creation return blessings.

Return blessings, Crawling Creatures and
Winged Friends,
So Earth can be renewed.
May Earth return blessings.

Return blessings, Trees, Flowers, Rivers, Mountains,
So nature can refresh all spirits.
May nature return blessings.

Return blessings, Stars, Moons, Planets, Galaxies,
So wonder can nourish all visions.
May wonder return blessings.

Return blessings, Changing Seasons,
So life’s cycles can continue in peace.
May life’s cycles return blessings.

Recall significant events when you received and gave blessings. Finish this sentence: I return blessings for …
Share around your table.

Blessing the Meal
Hold a loaf of bread and return blessings. 
Blessed are you, Holy One of Thanksgiving, for you are the bread of life.
Blessed are you, Divine Spirit, for you sent your people manna as they wandered in the desert.

Raise your glass and return blessings. 
Blessed are you, Great Spirit, for you invite us to drink deeply of Earth’s bounty.
Blessed are you, Source of Life, for you beg us to drink this fruit of the vine in memory of all who have died.

Extend your hands to the food and return blessings. 
Blessed are you, Holy One of the Harvest, for you keep us yearning for a world without hunger.
Blessed are you, Sophia-Wisdom, for you gather us around this Thanksgiving table.

Eating the Meal
Let us return blessings with each bite we take!

© Diann L. Neu is co-founder and co-directior of WATER.

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