Follow-Up to WATER Meditation with Cynthia Tootle

“Sending Healing Energies”

March 6, 2023 7:30 PM ET


WATER thanks Cynthia Tootle for bringing us a powerful message of healing. Cynthia asked, “What makes you think you can’t heal?” Her stories of healing, even by small children, gave us confidence to dip a toe into this healing pond.

We had the chance to listen to a beautiful, haunting, dare we say healing, song, “Sending you Light“ by Melanie DeMore and Julie Wolf.

he visual of healing energies between two hands added a concrete way of thinking about ourselves as healers. No wonder our contemplative time was so rich and productive.

Many participants expressed appreciation for the offering:

  1. Positive energy is intwined.
  2. Positive energy circulates through us not from us.
  3. Words of the song/hymn can be used as a mantra when healing.
  4. One person sent the energy she received in the session on to a person with grave injuries and another on hospice.
  5. We are energy.

The music of Ana Hernandez includes the song we used, “Sending you Light.”