WATER Meditation Notes

With Carrie Roach

Monday, January 17, 2022

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            WATER thanks Carrie Roach for bringing a “Psalm About Grieving” by Miriam Therese Winter to the group. Carrie also offered powerful remarks about her own grieving for a dear friend.

“Psalm about Grieving”

I turned to the wind

Who howled

And sighed

The whole time I was healing.

I turned to a tree

Who had lost its leaves-she knew how I was feeling.

I turned to the rain

Who was in tears,

For I too felt like crying.


I turned to Earth

Who understood

What it meant to live with dying.


I turned to a thistle

In a field,

I could see she too was lonely.

I turned to a rock

Who knew how hard it was

To be one and only.

I turned to a blade of grass

Because there were bonds

I had to sever.

I turned to the sea

Who returned to me

And taught me about forever.

I turned to a mountain

Who seemed secure

And I asked for strength

And endurance.

I turned to wildflowers

In a wood

And they gave me some assurance.

I turned to a friend

Who sat with me

Still and silent, be and becoming.

I turned to Shaddai

Who stayed with me

And gave meaning to my grieving.


Miriam Therese Winter, WomanWisdom: A Feminist Lectionary and Psalter Women of the Hebrew Scriptures: Part One. The Crossroad Publishing Company, 1991/2002, pages 250-251.

This image of the Vagus Nerve was a good focus for our mediation. We could see how far reaching its impact is on the body, the many ways grief can manifest itself.


Patricia Crowley was so kind as to send this link to an article which touches on the idea of  “from stardust you came and unto stardust you will return”  which was part of our conversation: