February 2011: Blessings to You on the Feast of Brigit

By Diann L. Neu

The first day of February is Brigit’s Day, a major feast of the Celtic year. Brigit inherited the name and characteristics of the goddess, Brigit, whose feast was at Imbolc, February 1st. She was said to “breathe life into the mouth of the dead winter.” She is an ancient role model for women today.

Brigit’s Table Grace
from St. Brigit’s Monastery in Kildare, Ireland

I should like a great lake of finest ale
for all the people.
I should like a table of the choicest foods
for the family of heaven.
Let the ale be made from the fruits of faith,
and the food be for giving love.
I should welcome the poor to my feast,
for they are God’s children.
I should welcome the sick to my feast
for they are God’s joy.
Let the poor sit with Sophia at the highest place
and the sick dance with the angels.
Bless the poor, bless the sick,
bless our human race.
Bless our food, bless our drink, all homes,
O God embrace.

© WATER, Diann Neu, dneu@hers.com