A Letter from the WATER Interns

“Together we are a genius,” a saying from women of The Grail oft repeated by Mary E. Hunt, has been verified by us time and again in the WATER office. You are part of this collaborative genius too, so we want to share our experiences at WATER with you and to ask you to give a gift to help WATER train more interns!

Eight BVMs Celebrate their Golden Jubilee!

Carolyn Farrell honors the BVM Jubilarians with a donation to WATER. WATER joins her in celebrating many years of commitment to service and social justice work in religious life.

WATER Recieves President's Award from DignityUSA

For Thirty Years of Leadership in using Feminist Religious Values to Create Social Change

DignityUSA Award

“We are deeply grateful, honored, and humbled to receive the President’s Award from DignityUSA for WATER on our 30th Anniversary. Thank you! That it comes during the distinguished presidency of Lourdes Rodríguez-Nogués only makes us cherish it more. We receive this award as a symbol of our common commitment and as a sign of our intention to work with Dignity for many years to come. The women’s retreat that we collaborated on this week was a rich and delightful example of how together we can deepen and diversify our outreach. We look forward to many more opportunities to collaborate.”  − Mary E. Hunt and Diann L. Neu

July 16 In Memory of Her

Consider honoring an important person in your life by giving a donation in their name to WATER’s “In Memory of Her” Fund. Your gift honors the life, memory, or achievement of an important person in your life and provides much needed support for WATER. Send your donation with a check and an accompanying note, or donate on our website via PayPal and send us an email to waterstaff@hers.com honoring your loved one.

September 11 Teleconference with Linn Marie Tonstad

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA"The Sexuality of God" Wednesday, September 11, 2013 1 -2 PM EDT Linn Marie Tonstad is a constructive theologian working at the intersection of systematic theology with feminist and queer theory. Her research interests focus on the relationship between the doctrine of God and anthropology, or the way in which God is thought to be similar or different from visions of human beings. She is currently completing her first book, provisionally entitled "God and Difference: Experimental Trinitarian Theology," where she examines and critiques the visions of divine personhood advanced by a number of contemporary theologians. She pays particular attention to the implications of such visions for thinking about sex, gender, and sexuality in contemporary Christian theology.

August Meditation: God Laughing Out Loud by Mary E. Hunt

Below is a reading for you to meditate upon as Summer comes to a close. If you would prefer to listen to the meditation, click here.

In the beginning God enjoyed herself. She laughed out loud and laughed some more because it was good. She sat back and smiled. She clapped her hands in glee and imagined her sisters dancing. She did nothing but enjoy and it was everything.

All or Nothing?

If there is anything new under the religious sun, it is the changing patterns of how people are religious.

July 2013 Ritual: Rest at the Reflecting Pool

By Diann L. Neu | Think about how you incorporate times of pause into your daily and monthly schedule.