WATER offers a contemplative prayer opportunity each month. This is a communal meditation that welcomes everyone. You are invited to join the wide circle by phone or in the WATER office in Silver Spring, Maryland. We gather around a presented theme. There is a time of silence and reflection followed by optional sharing. You are welcome to join us in the office, or by phone.

Once you register, you will be sent a dial-in number to call in. Your usual standard phone rates apply. For those who come to the office, WATER will be open at 7 PM (EST) for tea and conversation.

All are welcome. The circle emerged from the Engaging Impasse process, which combines meditation with community dialogue. No experience is required; just come with a contemplative spirit. Your presence will enrich us all. 


December 2014

Mary E. Hunt shares thoughts from Indian environmental activist and anti-globalization author Vandana Shiva about the harmfulness of consumerism. Audio available here.

November 2014

November’s meditation with Virginia Day features readings by novelist Flannery O’Connor. Audio available here. 

October 2014

“The Journey Towards Justice” meditation with Janet Bohren features a poem by George R. Pasley, a poet and pastor at Ketchikan Presbyterian Church in Alaska. Audio available here. Poem available here.

September 2014

WATER’s September Contemplative Prayer/Meditation featured Judy Bond, who shared a passage by Maya Angelou. Audio available here. Poem available here. 

July 2014

Meditation / Contemplative Prayer with Cheryl Nichols, “Come and Listen” Audio available here.

June 2014


Contemplative Prayer/Meditation with Cathy Jaskey honoring Kaye Ashe, OP. Read the poem here. 

May 2014:

“Being with Beauty” with Phoebe Knopf,  Audio available here.

April 2014

“Mountain Beauty: Timeless and Deep Over the Millennia” with Janet L. Bohren featuring the poem “The Inexorable Refinement of Time” by Joan Chittister. Audio available here. Poem available here. 

March 2014

“Water…the Beauty, the Power, the Strength of It” with Sr. Hope Bauerlin featuring the poem “The Waterfall” for May Swenson by Mary Oliver Audio available here. Poem available here.

February 2014

“Swing Low” with Mary E. Hunt featuring a poem by Jane Schaberg. Audio available here. Poem available here.

January 2014

“Faithfulness” with Mary E. Hunt featuring a poem by Nicola Slee from The Book of Mary. Audio available here.

December 2013

“To Know the Dark” with Geralyn McDowell featuring poems by Gertrude Mueller Nelson and Wendell Berry Audio available here. Poems available here.

September 2013

“Light Bearers” with Cynthia Tootle

July 2013

“More About Names” with Janis Roihl

June 2013

“Our Cloud of Witnesses: A Meditation on Our Mentors in Faith” with Cheryl Nichols

May 2013

“The Power to Name” with Geralyn McDowell

April 2013

“Affirming Healing on All Levels” with Cynthia Tootle

February 2013

“Faith” with Mary E. Hunt

January 2013

with Mary E. Hunt

December 2012

“Children and Peace” with Mary E. Hunt

October 2012

“Mindful Eating” with Mary E. Hunt

July 2012

“What I Have Learned So Far” with Cheryl Nichols

June 2012

with Janis Roihl

May 2012

“Tea with the Goddesses” with Cynthia Tootle

April 2012

“The First Day of Your Life” with Barbara Cullom

February 2012

“Brigit Ritual” with Dr. Mary Condren

Please consider making a donation for use of these valuable resources. You are welcome to share the audio widely. They are also available in this playlist on WATER’s soundcloud.