In Memory of Her: Margaret Mann

WATER celebrates the life of longtime friend and colleague…

Women-Church Convergence Opposes Trump’s Reversal of DACA and Calls for Passage of Legislation to Protect Dreamers

A statement issued by Women-Church Convergence on Trump's Reversal of DACA.

WATERtalk Notes: Teresa Forcades

Notes from our December 2017 WATERtalk with Teresa Forcades, "Medieval Feminist Monasticism: Did it Exist and Can it Be Relevant Today?"

National Religious Leadership Roundtable Calls Out Catholic Bishops’ Ill-Conceived, Trans-denying Letter

The National Religious Leadership Roundtable's response to trans-denying theology.

January 22 Meditation with Mary E. Hunt

Join us for our WATERmeditation on January 22, 2018 with Mary E. Hunt, "A Single Blueberry."

January 30 WATERritual: Praying to End Human Trafficking

Join us January 30, 2018 for our WATERritual "Praying to End Human Trafficking"

Feminist Liberation Theologians’ Network 2017 Meeting Report

A report by Mary E Hunt on the most recent meeting of the Feminist Liberation Theologians' Network.

January 17 WATERtalk with Elizabeth Edman

Join us for our WATERtalk on January 17th entitled "Queer Virtue."

WCC-Sign-On Statement: Title IX Sexual Assault Rollback

A statement issued by Women-Church Convergence on the weakening of Title IX guidelines.