In A Different Style

WATER provides people with disabilities the opportunity to gain work experience for future occupations in a small, non-profit office setting. WATER is proud to participate in this form of education and grateful for the good work of dozens of people who have participated.

Many past participants have gone on to remunerated employment in the community while others have been hired by WATER’s sister organizations. Some are now among our donors, proving that empowerment is a spiral process.

Current participants come from:

Saint Luke Institute
The Pathways School

Reflections from “In a Different Style” Participants

From Caprina:

“I enjoyed working at WATER because it was a challenge. I came to WATER through the Kennedy Institute Training Center. I enjoyed working with the staff. They are friendly, team players, and outgoing. Through my work at WATER I gained experience that I can utilize in my career. My career goal is to obtain employment in the administrative assistant field and WATER is very supportive towards that goal.”

From Kate, a poem:

“images Unfold”

The images unfold,
challenges begin.
Motivated and strong,
strengths within.
Becoming better,
getting closer.
Goals to conquer,
becoming stronger.
One of a kind,
being unique.
Weakness explored,
minds to seek.
Determined and strong,
always live to strive.